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'Netanyahu Wants the U.S. to Fight Israel's War Against Iran'

Mehdi and Zeteo's latest contributor Rula Jebreal in our first Breaking News Town Hall.

On early Friday morning, Israel launched a strike against Iran, following through on their vow to retaliate after Iran’s strike on Israel last weekend. The growing tensions have stoked fears of a potential World War III, as Israel’s war against Gaza continues to receive unconditional support from the U.S.

In order to respond to this breaking news, Zeteo hosted an online town hall with our latest contributor, foreign policy analyst Rula Jebreal, who answered questions not only from Mehdi, but also from paid subscribers. 

In the call, Jebreal discussed how the violence in the Middle East is already spilling into the U.S., how other Arab nations could react, and what Western citizens can do to hold their governments accountable. Watch above to see the full conversation.

Zeteo’s town halls and Q&A sessions are reserved for paid subscribers. Stay tuned for more opportunities to interact and engage with Mehdi, Rula, and Zeteo’s other contributors.

Team Zeteo