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How many times have you complained about the ‘mainstream media’? About corporate control or censorship? About softball interview questions or lazy ‘both sides’ coverage? 

Welcome to Zeteo, where independent and unfiltered journalism is making its comeback. Founded by award-winning journalist, best-selling author, and all-round troublemaker Mehdi Hasan, Zeteo - which comes from the ancient Greek word for ‘seeking out’ and ‘striving’ - is a new media organization that seeks answers for the questions that really matter, while always striving for the truth. 

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Through hard-hitting interviews, engaging podcasts and newsletters, and compelling op-eds and essays from an array of high-profile contributors – reporters, authors, celebrities, comedians and more – we will speak truth to power… and have some fun along the way. A broad range of voices you may not always agree with, but who bring important viewpoints to the site.

Zeteo is not just a media company; it's a movement for media accountability. So join us as we challenge the powerful, change the narrative, and champion good ol’ fashioned adversarial journalism. 

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Zeteo is a new media organization that seeks answers for the questions that really matter, while always striving for the truth. Founded by Mehdi Hasan, Zeteo is a movement for media accountability, unfiltered news and bold opinions.


Founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of Zeteo
Founded by Mehdi Hasan, Zeteo has a strong bias for the truth and an unwavering belief in the media’s responsibility to the public. Unfiltered news, bold opinions.
Zeteo will be a powerful movement for accountability. It will deliver serious journalism but with a decided bias towards democracy and human rights. Rigorous, fact-checked journalism in the service of the public good.