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'They're Obviously Not Antisemitic Protests': Jewish Yale University Professor Speaks Out

Zeteo Contributor Rula Jebreal interviews Yale professor Jason Stanley on pro-Palestine protests at Yale.

Jason Stanley is not just any Jewish philosopher; he is the grandson of the legendary Ilse Stanley, who helped release over 400 people from Nazi concentration camps in the late 1930s. He is not just the author of one major book on fascism - but, soon, two of them. And he is not just a professor of philosophy; he is a professor of philosophy at Yale

So who better to talk to about the campus protests at Yale University, where police arrested over 40 pro-Palestine students demonstrating against the college’s ties with Israeli weapons manufacturers earlier this week? Who better to discuss antisemitism and anti-Zionism with, as student-led, pro-Palestine encampments continue to spread to campuses across the nation?

In a new series called ‘The Exchange,’ foreign policy analyst and Zeteo contributor Rula Jebreal interviews Professor Stanley, who debunks “the tremendous misinformation” in the mainstream media about what’s been happening on campus at Yale and other Ivy League universities; argues that the “the claim of antisemitism is just today’s excuse” for authoritarians to crack down on protesters; and notes how critics on the right have, shamefully, framed the Jewish students joining these protests as “not real Jews.” He also has some harsh words for “fascists” Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump. 

This is not a conversation you want to miss!

‘The Exchange’ is a series in which Zeteo contributors interview various experts and newsmakers on the biggest stories of the week. Let us know in the comments who you’d like to see in ‘The Exchange’ next!

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