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A Zeteo Documentary! 'Israel's Reel Extremism'

Watch the trailer for our first documentary - and help us finish the film.

Dear Friends, 

Thank you so much for supporting Zeteo on our remarkable journey these past two months. I hope you’ve been appreciating our content and contributors and recognizing that YOU have made this happen. I’m emailing today with some exciting news that speaks to just how ambitious we’ve been from the outset - and to make a request! Because, today, I’m sharing with you the trailer for Zeteo’s first original documentary: Israel’s Reel Extremism.

This is a documentary pitch that an award-winning production company in the UK came to us with when no one else in the mainstream media was willing to consider it– and when you see the material in the final film, you’ll quickly see why. Voices you haven’t heard from, a perspective that’s been absent in all the Gaza coverage, and a difficult but undeniable reality about what is happening inside of Israeli Jewish society.

It’s already been met with reviews that speak for themselves.

“A gut-punch of a film.”
-Lara Friedman
President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace

“A must watch.”
-Omer Bartov
Professor of Holocaust & Genocide Studies, Brown University

Now, for a small, new, subscriber-based independent media company, making a documentary film like this is no small thing, which is why we need your financial help in getting this ambitious and expensive production across the finish line. Please do take out two minutes from your day to watch the trailer above - and then share it with your friends! For those of you who are free subscribers, if you feel like this documentary is important, that what it reveals is worth getting to the widest audience possible, then please consider becoming a paid subscriber to help us get this film finished and released. For those of you who are already paid subscribers, thank you, because this film wouldn’t even be a consideration without you (and if you’re interested, you can upgrade to a Founding Membership to show even greater support for Zeteo).

It’s important to remember that while your financial support means the world to me and to Zeteo, it also means a great deal to all those today who stand firmly against the violence in Gaza and believe these kinds of stories need to be recorded and need to be told. So, let’s finish this film together – and hopefully continue doing more important work like this.

Israel’s Reel Extremism is an examination of Israel and its society after many months of war, seen initially through the prism of viral social media posts - and exclusive interviews with the soldiers behind them. These posts, some shared millions of times, show soldiers humiliating bound Palestinians, ransacking their homes, joking as they detonate schools and whole districts, and laughing as they launch high explosive ordnance into densely-packed areas. The award-winning team behind this Basement Films production traveled to Israel to interview some of these soldiers, who proudly defended themselves and their videos, some expressing callous disregard for Palestinians in Gaza. Through additional interviews with Israeli radical groups, politicians, and media figures, the film reveals Israeli Jewish society in the aftermath of October 7th, gripped by a vengeance and hate that puts into question any possibility for peace.

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