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Mehdi Clashes with Former Israeli Prime Minister - Mehdi Unfiltered, Ep. 1

Plus Anthony Scaramucci and a worrying preview of Trump’s first 100 days

Since mid-February when I announced Zeteo by sharing a short trailer on a mostly bare webpage, more than 150,000 of you have signed up to show your support for this crazy idea I had about starting a new kind of media company. Over the last few weeks, I’ve done town halls with many of you, and with special guests; our team has made viral social videos; and I started a regular newsletter. But it was all leading up to the big moment, the big formal launch, today. 

‘Mehdi Unfiltered,’ my weekly news program, is finally out. Some of you may prefer reading rather than watching, but I hope you’ll hit play on the video above to get a sense of what’s to come on this flagship series for Zeteo. 

So, what’s covered in our first episode? Spoiler alert: Gaza and the U.S. elections. But it’s not what you’re seeing everywhere else. This is my take, my style, my kind of accountability journalism that doesn’t shy away from the truth. 

On Gaza… 

Everywhere I go, people have been rightly complaining about the media’s coverage of Gaza. But I haven’t seen mainstream media itself acknowledge its shortcomings, its blatant dehumanization of the Palestinian people over these last six months. Zeteo — and ‘Mehdi Unfiltered’ — is different. My first opening monologue outlines how the mainstream Western media has reneged on its responsibility, choosing deference to power and politics over people. I also, of course, talk about the significance of Zeteo in this context.

You’ll then see me interview former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (2006-2009), who oversaw Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009. I push him on Israel’s war in Gaza, its alleged war crimes, genocide even, and how he may have laid the groundwork for what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doing in Gaza now. Did you know that Olmert oversaw the bombing of a school in the Jabaliya refugee camp during Cast Lead? It’s critical that we remember these kinds of things. 

On Trump…

You might have thought the media would have learned its lesson by now when it comes to Donald Trump. But everywhere I look, I still see mainstream outlets holding back from calling out the former president’s fascism and racism. Meanwhile, for many voters on the left, Trump returning to office next year is just the price we should all be prepared to pay for holding Joe Biden and the Democrats to account over Gaza.

So, I imagined what Trump’s first 100 days in office might look like, but I based it on things he and his team have actually said — not my imagination. Have a listen. If those seven minutes don’t worry you, I would remind you that people also weren’t worried in 2016… and we know how that worked out. 

But you don’t even have to take my word for it. Remember Anthony Scaramucci, White House director of communications for a whole 11 days under Trump? Well, here’s just a small part of his warning on the show: 

“I do believe that he's an existential threat to the constitutional system of America, the Republic of America. The people with him are very experienced, they are very disciplined… They all believe in unitary executive power, which, put simply, is just to expand the executive branch and liquidate the two other branches.

He even had a message for his “fellow business friends.” Don’t say you weren’t warned, that’s all I have to say. 

So, please do have a watch. I would love to know what you think of this first episode of the show, what you think we should cover going forward, and of course, who we should try to interview for the next one. (Remember, only paid subscribers are able to comment on posts!) 

About Zeteo’s official launch (finally!)… 

‘Mehdi Unfiltered’ is a weekly news program, so catch us again next week. But before then, you’ll begin seeing some of the exclusive content from our new team of big-name contributors. (Did you see our post from earlier today announcing some of their names?) We also have a fun podcast in the works that will be out soon — with very special co-hosts you’re really going to enjoy.

Whether it’s through podcasts or print pieces, Q&As or programs like ‘Mehdi Unfiltered,’ Zeteo is a media company where we are going to change how the news you care about — both domestic and international — is covered, is discussed, is understood. I’ve said it before: it’s time for a media organization that isn’t afraid. With your support, this idea is becoming a reality. 

Friendly reminder: All of our content is currently available to all subscribers, free or paid. But this will only be for a limited, promotional period. Building and sustaining an independent media company like this requires, above all else, money. If you appreciate the work my team and I are doing, and want to be a part of this effort, please consider supporting us by becoming a paid subscriber. 

And now… it’s time for you to go watch the show!

Thank you for your support,


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