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On Taylor Swift and Intifada

Episode 2 of 'We're Not Kidding' featuring Mehdi Hasan and comedian Sammy Obeid on comedy, free speech and protests.

Palestinian-Lebanese-American comedian, Sammy Obeid, who rose to fame because of his viral jokes on Palestine and his Netflix show 100 Humans, joins Mehdi to guest host the second episode of ‘We’re Not Kidding.’ They dive into the student protests, DNA tests, pushing back against misinformation with comedy, the power of slogans, and doing 1001 nights of stand-up. 

‘We’re Not Kidding’ will release episodes twice a month, with Mehdi, Bassem and a cast of rotating guest co-hosts from the worlds of comedy, entertainment, and the media. Funny people talking about serious topics. 

Watch the second episode with Sammy Obeid above! (And for paid subscribers, let us know what you think in the comments – and who we should try to bring on next.)

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The full video of episode 2 will be available on YouTube and Spotify on May 14. And the next episode of ‘We’re Not Kidding’ with Bassem will come out on Substack on May 23. 

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We’re Not Kidding with Mehdi & Friends
We’re Not Kidding is a show where funny people talk about serious things, hosted by Zeteo founder and CEO Mehdi Hasan and regularly featuring internationally acclaimed comedian Bassem Youssef. Each episode, Mehdi is joined by a renowned guest host for a sometimes lighthearted, sometimes vulnerable conversation about topics they can't discuss anywhere else.
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