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“Revolutionaries, Not Reformists” - Mehdi and Amanda Seales talk Biden vs Trump, Gaza, and… Jerry Seinfeld

Episode 5 of ‘We’re Not Kidding’ on why speaking out against genocide has created a culture of fear in Hollywood. Also, Mehdi and Amanda discuss why they can’t enjoy Seinfeld anymore.

On the new episode of ‘We’re Not Kidding,’ Mehdi is joined by stand-up comedian, actor, and social justice advocate Amanda Seales for an unfiltered conversation about Palestine, and the cultural backlash for speaking out against genocide and U.S. imperialism. Amanda, who has Palestinian family members, has been a vocal proponent for Palestinian liberation over the last eight months, at great professional cost. She and Mehdi discuss the culture of fear in Hollywood - and the pressure on her own career for speaking out on Gaza - and why the term “liberal” needs to be redefined. They also talk about Jerry Seinfeld’s recent interventions on the Middle East -and whether George Costanza would have been as problematic.

“I just think you’re misusing the word ‘liberal.’ They're not progressive. You know, ‘liberal’ at this point just means ‘I'm not okay with bad things as long as they don't inconvenience me.’”

‘We’re Not Kidding’ releases new episodes twice a month, with Mehdi, Bassem and a cast of rotating guest co-hosts from the worlds of comedy, entertainment, and the media. Funny people talking about serious topics. 

Watch the fifth episode with Amanda Seales above! (And for paid subscribers, let us know what you think in the comments – and who we should try to bring on next.)

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We’re Not Kidding with Mehdi & Friends
We’re Not Kidding is a show where funny people talk about serious things, hosted by Zeteo founder and CEO Mehdi Hasan and regularly featuring internationally acclaimed comedian Bassem Youssef. Each episode, Mehdi is joined by a renowned guest host for a sometimes lighthearted, sometimes vulnerable conversation about topics they can't discuss anywhere else.