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Jewish-American Soldier Quits Biden Administration Over Gaza: “I Feel it's Appropriate to Invoke ‘Never Again’”

Mehdi speaks to newly-resigned Major Harrison Mann. Plus: the forgotten genocide in Sudan.

While Joe Biden struggles to draw a red line for Israel in its genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, a handful of principled officials within the administration are making their red lines very clear. 

This week on ‘Mehdi Unfiltered’, Mehdi dives into the latest wave of resignations within the Biden administration over its handling of the war on Gaza, with one outgoing political appointee accusing the president of “making Jews the face of the American war machine.” 

The exit interview…

The latest resignation from the Biden administration came into effect just this Monday for Major Harrison Mann. Formerly an official at the Defense Intelligence Agency, and an active-duty U.S. army officer, Mann made headlines for a resignation letter he shared last month to his Linkedin page criticizing the “nearly unqualified support for the government of Israel.”

In one of his first TV interviews since leaving his post, Mann explains to Mehdi the reasoning behind his decision, the role US agencies play in Israel’s ethnic cleansing, and how others in government share his views - but are afraid to air them.

“I also suspected and have increasingly learned even in national security circles that my views are not particularly uncommon or controversial,” says Mann. 

Mann, who is Jewish-American, compared the treatment of Palestinians today to the way in which Jews were treated in the run-up to the Holocaust: “It was very easy for me to see in the Palestinians another unwanted population, the way that Jews were in Europe.”

Also on the show: a forgotten war…

One genocide overshadowed by another. This week Mehdi sheds light on the atrocities that are taking place in Sudan but are unable to reach the world. With more than 14,000 people dead, and more than 8 million displaced, the violence in Sudan is still going mostly unnoticed in Western media. 

Mehdi is joined by Nesrine Malik, an award-winning British-Sudanese journalist with the Guardian, who has covered the story in Sudan for years. She explains how the lack of information from the ground there is making the situation much more dire, especially when paired with false stereotypes.  

“We don't tend to think of war happening in countries like Sudan as a profoundly tragic, destabilizing thing, and more as business as usual.” 

Watch both interviews above, and for paid subscribers, be sure to let us know what you think of the full show and who you think we should have on next. 

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