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"I Will Do the Right Thing for those Children in Gaza." - Hollywood Star Rob Delaney Speaks Out

Mehdi speaks to the comedian and actor about war, politics, and losing his son on ‘We’re Not Kidding’

On this week’s episode of ‘We’re Not Kidding,’ Mehdi travels to London to speak with U.S. comedian, writer, and actor Rob Delaney, who has lived in the UK for the last 10 years. In this powerful, wide-ranging, and at times emotional conversation. Rob speaks with Mehdi about how the tragic loss of his 2-year-old son in 2018 drove him to speak out against Israel’s brutal assault on Palestinian children.

“What I do not have in common with the people in Gaza,” Rob tells Mehdi, “is once my baby died, I did not have to worry about the safety of my other children.”

They also discuss the rise and fall of Twitter, Rob’s role in the new Deadpool movie, the recent UK election results and the role of the NHS, and whether Joe Biden should stay in the presidential race (spoiler alert: Rob makes the case for him dropping out!).

‘We’re Not Kidding’ releases new episodes twice a month, with Mehdi and a cast of rotating guest co-hosts from the worlds of comedy, entertainment, and the media. Funny people talking about serious topics. 

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We’re Not Kidding is a show where funny people talk about serious things, hosted by Zeteo founder and CEO Mehdi Hasan and regularly featuring internationally acclaimed comedian Bassem Youssef. Each episode, Mehdi is joined by a renowned guest host for a sometimes lighthearted, sometimes vulnerable conversation about topics they can't discuss anywhere else.