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Gaza, Police Brutality and Batman with Mehdi and W. Kamau Bell

Episode 4 of ‘We’re Not Kidding’ on the violent state response to anti-war protestors and the racist history of policing in America. Plus, why Mehdi thinks Bruce Wayne is a rightwing Republican.

Stand-up comedian, best-selling author and acclaimed TV host W. Kamau Bell joins Mehdi as co-host of 'We're Not Kidding' this week. They discuss the student protestors, who join a long line of American anti-war demonstrators, as well as the police’s use of brute force against them. Mehdi and Kamau also examine the censorship of pro-Palestinian voices in the media and Hollywood, why Batman is politically problematic, and the cynical “defanging” of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. since his death.

“People celebrate [Dr. King] as a hero and forget the part where he was assassinated,” says Kamau. “He didn't die of old age… He was assassinated and many people were happy he was assassinated.”

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