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“Gaslighting People To Death”: Owen and Mehdi “Tear Their Hair Out” Over Israeli Propaganda

Plus: What Israel’s latest massacre tells us about Palestinian dehumanization.

In the latest episode of ‘Two Outspoken’, Mehdi and Owen discuss the rescue in Gaza that saved four Israelis but also killed hundreds of Palestinians in the process, proving how little value Israel’s far-right government - and its Western allies - place on Palestinian’s lives. They also debunk U.S. government talking points on how Israel has accepted a ceasefire deal but Hamas hasn’t. 

Palestinian life in ratios…

With 274 Palestinians killed so as to save four Israelis, Mehdi points to the ugly truth of how Israel’s government and its allies hailed Saturday's operation a success, despite the grotesque ratio of almost 70 Palestinians killed for every Israeli rescued. 

On terminology, Owen makes it clear that Saturday’s operation should be referred to as a massacre “if you value Palestinian human life at all.” He uses examples within and outside Israel, including an official government tweet that was deleted too late, to show the extent of Palestinian dehumanization and incitement to genocide.

Trump-level gaslighting…

Between the US gaslighting that Israel accepted a deal with Hamas, and Israeli denying it, the prospect of a ceasefire is in a state of complete confusion. “Do they think we just don't have eyes? Ears? An internet connection?,” a frustrated Mehdi asks Owen.

Mehdi and Owen also argue that delaying a deal is probably a cynical ploy by Netanyahu to get Joe Biden out of the Oval Office, and Donald Trump back in, come November’s U.S. presidential election.


‘Two Outspoken’ is a twice-monthly conversation between broadcaster, author, and Zeteo Editor-in-Chief Mehdi Hasan and political commentator, author, and activist Owen Jones. Mehdi and Owen will be discussing the news of the week, offering their analysis on the state of American and British politics, and even, from time to time, taking questions from Zeteo subscribers.

Two Outspoken
A US-UK political conversation between two friends on the left, Owen Jones and Mehdi Hasan.