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'We're Moderates in a World of Extremism'

Owen Jones and Mehdi Hasan launch ‘Two Outspoken’ Ep. 1

Zeteo is excited to present the first episode of ‘Two Outspoken,’ a twice-monthly conversation between broadcaster, author, and Zeteo CEO Mehdi Hasan and political commentator, author, and activist Owen Jones. Mehdi and Owen will be discussing the news of the week, offering their analysis on the state of American and British politics, and even, from time to time, taking questions from Zeteo subscribers.

In this first episode:

Mehdi and Owen share the story of how they met over a decade ago on television, and recall those who compared them to a left-wing Batman and Robin (you can probably guess who is who).

Owen explains why he has recently quit the UK’s Labour Party, while Mehdi compares current Labour leader Keir Starmer to Tony Blair. 

Finally, both of them discuss the mainstream media's multiple moral failures when it comes to coverage of Israel's ongoing genocide in Gaza — and, in particular, how the killing of seven international aid workers from the World Central Kitchen sparked more moral outrage from journalists and politicians than the killing of over 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza.

Friendly reminder: All of our content is currently available to all subscribers, free or paid. But this will only be for a limited, promotional period. Building and sustaining an independent media company like this requires, above all else, money. If you appreciate the work our team is doing, and want to be a part of this effort, please consider supporting us by becoming a paid subscriber.

Two Outspoken
A US-UK political conversation between two friends on the left, Owen Jones and Mehdi Hasan.
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