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UK Election: What the Media Isn't Telling You

Mehdi & Owen on Starmer, the role of Gaza, and fighting the far right

Mehdi and Owen Jones met up in London this week to debrief the significant UK election results - and to vent about all the things the media hasn’t been covering about it!

“I landed at Heathrow Airport last night, and I had a little spring in my step,” Mehdi tells Owen. “England won the quarter final. Liz Truss lost her seat.”

Owen’s equally excited about what this means for the left.

“I’m really optimistic,” he tells Mehdi. “Now these Labour MPs have to look over their shoulders at voters opting for the Green Party.”

The truth is, as Owen explains in this episode, Labour won “a Jenga landslide.”

So, what does that mean going forward? And why is the media obsessed with Nigel Farage and Reform? Where’s the coverage of the independents who won on Gaza, and the Greens?

Watch Mehdi and Owen in the video above discuss everything you need to know about the UK election results in this special episode of Two Outspoken.

You can also listen to the Two Outspoken podcast on Apple and Spotify.

Two Outspoken
A US-UK political conversation between two friends on the left, Owen Jones and Mehdi Hasan.