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Is Joe Biden the ‘White Moderate’ that MLK Warned Us About?

Mehdi and Owen dissect college protests, a Rafah invasion, and UK elections on ‘Two Outspoken’

In this episode:

Owen and Mehdi discuss the ongoing misrepresentation of college protests in the mainstream media, the debate over genocide in Gaza, and the London mayoral elections. They discuss how college and antiwar protests have long been demonized to undermine public support for them, and how the term "genocide" is deliberately and conveniently mis-defined by supporters of Israel.

Plus, Mehdi takes us back in time to read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter from a Birmingham jail about the “white moderate,” and reflects on its relevance to modern-day politicians, particularly in light of recent comments made by President Joe Biden.

Owen criticizes Biden's approach on all this, accusing him of fetishizing past struggles while vilifying current protests. He highlights MLK's historical unpopularity and draws parallels to contemporary criticisms of activism. Both critique Biden's stance on issues like Israel's actions in Gaza and tie it to broader public opinion trends. 

They also touch on the London mayoral elections and the challenges faced by Sadiq Khan, particularly in the context of his stance on issues like Gaza and Islamophobia. And Mehdi highlights the importance of context in journalism and the need to address misinformation and prejudice in public discourse.

‘Two Outspoken’ is a twice-monthly conversation between broadcaster, author, and Zeteo Editor-in-Chief Mehdi Hasan and political commentator, author, and activist Owen Jones. Mehdi and Owen will be discussing the news of the week, offering their analysis on the state of American and British politics, and even, from time to time, taking questions from Zeteo subscribers.

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Two Outspoken
A US-UK political conversation between two friends on the left, Owen Jones and Mehdi Hasan.