AR189 Commercial Vehicle Album Some lesser-known British manufacturers


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Here we tell the stories of some companies which made minor contributions to British commercial vehicle history. Some manufacturers described here have been mentioned in other Auto Review publications, but we give a fuller description in these pages. Some stories begin before 1900, but very few continue after 1939, by which time a

relatively small number of larger manufacturers had survived. Early commercial vehicle chassis were offered for either goods or passenger-carrying bodywork. Most of the principal British commercial vehicle manufacturers feature in Auto Review publications which include their name in the title (AEC, Bedford, Dennis, Guy, Leyland, Scammell etc). This publication describes lesser-known commercial vehicle manufacturers, including Adams-Hewitt, Armstrong Whitworth, Alldays & Enfield, Burford, FWD & Hardy, CWS-Bell, Fowler, Kerr-Stuart, Garford-Gilford-HSG, Garner, Garrett , Hallford, Lister, Greenbat, Milnes-Daimler, McCurd, Pagefield, Ensign, Peerless, GV, Latil, Ryknield, Palladium, Ransomes,: Shefflex,  Union, Yorkshire and Stoneleigh.


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