AR193 Fun on the beach (Dune Buggies and Beach Cars)


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Never has the word ‘fun’ been used so much as it has in advertising and feature articles concerning dune buggies and Beach Cars. They bring a smile, and it never fails to add a level of excitement to a picture of a celebrity or a beach resort when one of these cheeky vehicles is pictured alongside. In this publication we cover the development of the dune buggy, which began in California and rapidly spread around the world. Our faithful band of contributors offered large amounts of material, but for once we had identification problems, with so many similar-looking buggies, often captioned without a maker’s name. We hope that every buggy pictured here is correctly identified. If not, please accept our apologies.  Beach Cars targeted a different market, which was less interested in high performance and flying through the air over dunes like a dune buggy. The Beach Car is a more sedate and sophisticated vehicle, more suited to posing in your swimwear. Famous designers and stylists often chose to produce a Beach Car as a concept car because of its connotations of fun, fresh air and free-thinking.  Many other buggy and Beach Car aspects and side-issues get a mention here; military buggies, Dakar racing buggies, ATVs, and appearances on the silver screen.   Have fun!


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