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Here we have the story of Shelvoke & Drewry (S&D), a company which found a profitable niche in the commercial vehicle market. This was due initially to the inventive genius of its co-founder James Drewry, who designed the Freighter commercial vehicle, which found favour for municipal bodywork, where S&D became a market leader. We also look at the two firms with which James was associated before he went into partnership with Harry Shelvoke. These two predecessor companies were Drewry and Lacre. In addition, we also take the opportunity to look at some other companies involved with municipal vehicles; our coverage is by no means exhaustive, and could never be, in our modest number of pages. These vehicle types, by various manufacturers, include Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs), trade waste disposal vehicles (aka dustcarts), road sweeper-sprinklers (aka water carts) and gully cleaners, as well as the similar cesspit emptiers.


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