AR135 AEC Album Part One: up to 1945


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AR135 AEC Album Part One – to 1945
AEC began life as the bus-building department of the London General Omnibus Company, producing famous designs including the B-type and K-type open-top double-decker buses. Once the company gained its independence (but retained the contract to supply most of London’s buses) AEC produced classic designs such as the Regent double-decker, Regal single-decker and Renown three-axle buses, as well as the revolutionary Q-type. Alongside the buses AEC also produced market-leading lorry chassis, including the three-axle or four-axle Mammoth Majors. This publication tells the story of AEC from the beginning up to 1945. Auto Review 138 will complete the story. ISBN 978-1-85482-134-1  £5.95


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