AR104 Australian cars, and the industry that made them


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By Paul Nieuwenhuis

Not just Holdens, Fords and Chryslers; also covered here are Australian cars built by BMC, Leyland, Hartnett, Vauxhall, Mitsubishi, VW, Standard-Triumph, Rootes, Datsun, Toyota, Ascort, Bolwell, Buckle, Lightburn, Elfin, Purvis, Ilinga, Toohey, Gvang, and many more.
Paul Nieuwenhuis is a director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research at Cardiff Business School at Cardiff University in Wales, and in this capacity he has had dealings with car companies and governments around the world, including Australia. He first became aware of Australian cars through Dinky’s Holden EJ model of the 1960s and later through the London-Sydney Marathon, in which DAFs participated (see Auto Review 60 DAF Cars). Paul also lived in Australia during a key period in Australian automotive history in the early 1970s when Holden, Ford and Chrysler produced some of their most iconic cars, and Leyland launched its ill-fated P76. Paul learned to drive in Sydney, where his first car was an EH Holden Special Sedan, which he upgraded with a 186ci engine, making it into a real Q-car, to the surprise of many drivers of the new HQ at the lights.
His dad had an HG Premier as a company car at the time, and Paul also had the opportunity to drive several other local cars, including an HQ Kingswood and a Monaro GTS 350. During more recent visits he was able to sample 21st century Australian offerings of Holden, Ford and Toyota.
Paul’s interest in Australian cars is further illustrated by his large collection of scale models of Holdens, Falcons, Valiants and a few P76s. Paul is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers.