AR088 Out of their Element: cars that float, fly or run on rails


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Product Description

By Rod Ward

This fascinating publication is devoted to amphibious vehicles, roadable aircraft and road-railers. The fevered brainchildren of many eccentric inventors and visionary engineers are described here. All vehicle enthusiasts know about some amphibians; the Amphicar, the DUKW and Schwimmwagen, but many dozens of of others are described here. The roadable aircraft was, and is, mostly an American dream; A salesman flies his light aircraft into an isolated rural airport where there are no taxis or buses to take him into the nearest town for his appointment. So he takes the wings off his aircraft and drives into town. Described here are Molt Taylor’s Aerocar, the Fulton Airphibian, Gwinn Air Car, Hafner Rotabuggy, Moller SkyCar, Stout SkyCar, Waterman Arrowbile and many other attempts to realise this dream. Road-rail vehicles and snow-ice vehicles are also described and pictured in this publication.