AR082 Handbuilts and Kits: Scale model vehicles made in Britain


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Product Description

By Rod Ward

Here we offer an overview of kit and handbuilt model vehicle production in Britain over the past 100 years, with a quick reference guide to most of the main players. Our general story line from the earliest days to the 21st century is accompanied by features condensed from articles published in MAR in the past 30 years. We also include an alphabetical listing with potted histories of hundreds of British makers of kits and handbuilt models. They range from from market leaders Brooklin, Somerville and Western to tiny one-man bands. This publication covers only artisan or small-scale production of white metal (wm) or resin models, fully-finished or in kit form. Not included are industrially-produced diecast or thermoplastic models. Also not included are makers of unpainted, plated, ‘pewter finish’, solid silver etc giftware. Only scale models intended to be finished like the prototype vehicle are covered in this publication.