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Edited by Rod Ward, including photographs from the  Hans-Georg Schmitt collection

Bugatti is one of the most important names in automotive history. The marque was founded by an Italian, Ettore Bugatti, who set up the firm bearing his name in 1909 in Molsheim, Alsace, then part of Germany. His cars epitomised engineering excellence, as well as elegant design, befitting Ettore’s heritage in a family of famous artists. A reputation for high performance was established with racing successes, including winning the first Monaco Grand Prix, and twice winning the Le Mans 24 hour race. Bugattis were among the most desirable cars of their day, from the T35 racing cars to elegant T57 tourers and the T41 ‘Royale’ behemoths.
Hans-Georg Schmitt has been the German consultant editor to Model Auto Review for many years, and he has also written for many other publications, mostly in Germany and Austria. The author had been involved with various Bugatti-related projects, including producing the now-obsolete Bugattiana 1:43 scale model range, and it seemed appropriate that Hans-Georg and the author, with the support of our regular band of contributors, should produce a ‘Bugatti Album’ in the Auto Review series. Every Bugatti Type number is listed here: the aim is to provide a concise guide to the Types, without going into too much detail, for beginners to the marque, as well as offering a quick reference source for those who know a little more about Bugattis. As Bugattistes the world over declare; Vive La Marque!