AR068 Moths & Dragons: de Havilland aircraft designs produced up to 1939


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By Rod Ward

This book is as much a tribute to Geoffrey de Havilland as it is to his fine aircraft designs. His was a precocious talent; while still a student he designed an engine that would power thousands of British motorcycles for decades to come. Excited by the Wright brothers’ achievements, he designed his own aircraft and taught himself to fly on it.
His second design was bought by the government, and it earned him a job at what would become the Royal Aircraft Factory. There he designed pioneering aircraft before moving to Airco, where he was responsible for such machines as the DH.2, DH.4 and DH.9, all built in large quantities in the Great War. Setting up his own company after the war, Geoffrey de Havilland concentrated on the civil aircraft market, developing the famous series of Moth light aircraft and the Dragon series of biplane airliners. Many other important aircraft were designed in the inter-war period, and all are described in this book, with every type number from DH.1 to DH.100 noted. Here we have every de Havilland aircraft designed up to 1939.