AR067 Steam Cars, Wagons and Buses


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By Rod Ward

This publication covers the history of road transport by steam, and describes steam cars made by Stanley, White, Turner & Miesse, Doble and others. In addition, all the main (mostly British) makers of steam wagons and buses are here, including Allchin, Aveling & Porter, Atkinson, Brotherhood, Burrell, Clarkson, Clayton, Coulthard, Ellis, English, Evershed, Foster, Foden, Fowler, Garrett, Halley, Hindley, Lancashire, mann’s, Musker, Ransomes, Robey, Sheppee, Sentinel, Straker, Thornycroft, Wallis & Steevens, Wantage, Yorkshire and others. Traction engines and steam rollers are not covered, but steam motorcycles and aircraft are included here.