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Updated Second Edition to be available in November 2019

By Paul Nieuwenhuis

Paul Nieuwenhuis was born in the Netherlands and studied in Australia, Belgium, Spain and Scotland, where he obtained a PhD from Edinburgh University. A lifelong interest in cars and car making allowed him to find employment with the Motor Industry Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. The unit was later privatised, which moved Paul into the consultancy world, carrying out projects for most of the world’s car and truck makers, while he also acted as a special advisor on state aid to the automotive industry for the European Commission and helped frame the first EU state aid legislation. Since 1990, Paul has been with the Centre for Automotive Industry Research (CAIR) at Cardiff University and became its director in 2005. CAIR specialises in the economic and strategic aspects of the world automotive sector. He is particularly interested in how we can continue to drive without destroying our environment and has co-authored The Green Car Guide (1992), The Automotive Industry and the Environment (2003) and The Death of Motoring?; Car Making and Automobility in the 21st Century (1997). He edited Motor Vehicles in the Environment (1994) and The Business of Sustainable Mobility (2006). He also contributed to the Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile (2000) and has written for Autocar, Automotive World, Diesel Car and Practical Classics. Paul Nieuwenhuis is a member of the Society of Automotive Historians and the Guild of Motoring Writers. He was born within a couple of miles of the DAF factory in Eindhoven and drove his first DAF in 1973. He currently owns a 1971 55 Coupé fitted with a 1400cc engine from a Volvo 340, which allows it, in theory, to do well over 100mph.

The second edition contains amendments and additional information provided by the Author.


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