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By Rod Ward

The story of Triumph is peopled with many larger than life characters including Bettmann, Schulte, Holbrook, Healey, Black, Dick, Stokes, and many others. Starting out making bicycles, then motorcycles, modest cars only came along after the First World War. More interesting cars followed in the 1930s, under the influence of Donald Healey, but the company failed just as the Second World War broke out. After the War, Triumph was reinvented by Sir John Black, chief of new owners Standard, to make razor-edge saloons and roadsters. When Black failed to buy Morgan, Triumph took on the sports car market, with great success. Through the combinations and takeovers which accompanied the shrinking of the British motor industry, Triumph seemed to fare better than some other marques, but when the last Triumph car was made, it was just a rebadged Honda, a sad end for this classic marque. Or is it? BMW still own the rights to the Triumph brand; maybe one day new Triumph cars will appear on the roads.


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