AR039 Jaguar Album


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By Rod Ward

The story of Jaguar cars is a fascinating one, thanks to the vision of one man, William Lyons, who began making Swallow sidecars in 1922. He turned to making more attractive bodywork for mass-produced cars, then to making his own SS Cars; speedy, stylish and offering great value for money. After the war he continued this winning formula to make Jaguar cars. The story is told here in four main sections; the early days from 1922 to 1939, the postwar sports cars, the big saloons, and the smaller saloon cars, plus an account of Lyons’ ambitions for Jaguar, his takeovers and the subsequent changes of Jaguar ownership. 2008 saw another change of ownership for Jaguar (to Tata of India)  and another new start for this famous marque.


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