AR090 Miniature Vehicles: pedal cars, prestige miniature cars, ride-in scale passenger vehicles etc.


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Product Description

By Rod Ward

Since the first issue of Model Auto Review was published in 1982, ‘miniature vehicles’ have had their place in our pages as collectors’ pieces. In MAR 8 in 1984 was an acclaimed feature on Johnstone buses, by expert Geoff Price, and pedal cars and more sophisticated miniatures were frequently covered in the following decades. This publication begins with pedal cars, and moves on to more exclusive cars for children, usually electric or petrol-engined. Then we look at miniature vehicles of a more ‘practical’ bent, intended to be driven by either adults or children, but definitely not ‘toys’, such as Atco Trainers and Rytecraft Scootacars. Miniature passenger-carrying vehicles, buses, coaches and trams come next, along with miniature trucks and caravans, to complete a fascinating study of ‘working’ miniature vehicles.