Other items for sale

Here we list items for sale, other than Auto Review books.

BK001 Bedford: GM’s British Commercial by Michael Sedgwick £7.95


Published by Beaulieu Books, London (Dalton, Watson) First Edition 1980.
ISBN 10: 0901564508
ISBN 13: 9780901564504
Pre-owned, hardbound with dustjacket, 112 pages, very good condition (tiny tear at bottom of dustjacket)
Profusely illustrated, learned text by a world-renowned authority on the subject

BK002 Morris Minor: The world’s supreme small car by Paul Skilleter, £9.95


Published by Osprey , First Edition 1981
ISBN 10: 0850454948
ISBN 13: 9780850454949
Pre-owned, hardbound with dustjacket, 220 pages, very good condition


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