Book Review November 2017

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Wolseley Six-Ninety: a Super Profile by Jeffrey Bridges and Bernie Peal 

Revised and extended to include the Riley Pathfinder and Two-Point-Six
Published by the Wolseley Register, 363 Old Birmingham Road, Rednal, Birmingham B45 8EU. email: regalia@thewolseley
ISBN: 978-0-9569676-3-3
100 pages A4 size softbound £14.99
Here is everything you need to know about the larger saloon cars designed by Gerald Palmer for the Nuffield Organisation.
Some years ago I reviewed a much smaller publication devoted to the Six-Ninety, written by Jeffrey Bridges and also published by the Wolseley Register. This is a much larger publication, which logically now includes the Riley cars which shared so much with the Wolseley Six-Ninety. The story of Gerald Palmer and the genesis of his car designs is followed by a comprehensive coverage of all three models and their sub-series. Palmer designed a series of cars for Nuffield’s MG, Riley and Wolseley divisions. The Wolseley marque was perceived as being more ‘staid’, favouring luxury rather than sporting panache, so the Six-Ninety body sat two inches higher than that of the Riley Pathfinder. The Riley Two-Point-Six, which replaced the Pathfinder, was based on the Wolseley Six-Ninety, but was actually styled by Don Hayter, later responsible for the MGB. This book is extensively illustrated and has a very detailed text. It will be an essential addition to the bookshelf of any Wolseley or Riley enthusiast.

Rod Ward 


2018 Auto Review programme Announcement: publication dates spread throughout the Year (Q1 = First Quarter of 2017)

AR137 Delage Album Q1
AR138 AEC Album part 2 after 1945 Q1
AR139 American Motors Q2
AR140 Foden Album Q2
AR141 Ferrari Album Q3
AR142 Jeep Album Q3
AR143 Mercedes-Benz cars Q4
AR144 Studebaker Album Q4

2017 Auto Review programme: publication dates spread throughout the Year (Q1 = First Quarter of 2017)



131 Maserati Album

Now available!

132 Delage, Delahaye and Hotchkiss: part 1: Delahaye

Now available!

133 Scammell Album

Including Scammell trucks, mechanical horses, trailers, dumpers, and the story of Unipower

Now Available!

134 Westland aircraft 

The Yeovil aircraft firm, from Great War contracts to modern helicopters, with the related story of the Petter family and English Electric, for whom Teddy Petter designed the Canberra, and Folland, for whom he designed the Gnat

Now Available!

135 AEC Album Part 1

The story of AEC and related concerns including Associated-Daimler, up to the 1940s

Now Available!

136 BMW Album

The stories of BfW, BMW, Dixi, Isetta, Glas, Goggomobil and more are all included here

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By Rod Ward

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News Update October 2017

Here is an introduction to the two titles just published.

AR135 BMW Album by Rod Ward

If you told an owner of a top-of-the-range BMW that his car was descended from a Wartburg, he would vehemently deny any such connection. But we are not referring to the postwar East German Wartburg of course; we mean a much earlier car firm, based in Eisenach, which changed its name to Dixi and obtained a licence to produce Austin Sevens in Germany. In 1928 Dixi was taken over by aero engine and motorcycle maker BMW. Thus began BMW’s involvement in car manufacture, producing classic sporting cars in the 1930s. A difficult period after the Second World War meant that car making did not re-start until 1952, with large luxury cars, alongside renewed motorcycle production. Needing to make cheaper and more popular cars, BMW built the Isetta bubble car under licence, then after near financial collapse in 1959, the firm went on to make better and larger cars, including the ‘02’ series in the 1970s. BMW then created their numbered ranges, which would eventually run from the 1-series to the 8-series, with X-series SUVs and Z-series sports cars as well. By the 21st century BMW was a market leader in well-engineered prestige cars. This is a big story to cover in our compact Auto Review format: with many hundreds of BMW models produced down the years, every one of them cannot be described in detail or pictured in these pages. We apologise in advance if your favourite BMW model is not covered in detail! There is more on Isettas in Auto Review 35 and 123, and on the postwar EMW in Auto Review 102. ISBN 978-1-85482-135-8 £5.95

AR134 AEC Album Part One – to 1945 by Rod Ward

AEC began life as the bus-building department of the London General Omnibus Company, producing famous designs including the B-type and K-type open-top double-decker buses. Once the company gained its independence (but retained the contract to supply most of London’s buses) AEC produced classic designs such as the Regent double-decker, Regal single-decker and Renown three-axle buses, as well as the revolutionary Q-type. Alongside the buses AEC also produced market-leading lorry chassis, including the three-axle or four-axle Mammoth Majors. This publication tells the story of AEC from the beginning up to 1945. Auto Review 138 will complete the story. ISBN 978-1-85482-134-1 £5.95